How to Choose the Right Pillow

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The main purpose of a pillow is to maintain the curvature in your neck whether you are on your back or side. The problem arises when most people don’t stay in one position throughout the night and not everyone is built the same. There are several styles of pillows out there such as down filled, buckwheat filled, orthopaedic contouring and memory foam.

Chiroflow waterbase pillow

The benefit with goose down and buckwheat filled is that you can shape or contour to your head and shoulders but the drawback is as soon as you move you lose that support. The benefit with the orthopaedic contouring pillow is the two different bumps. The small bump is used lying on your back to maintain the curvature in your neck and the large bump for lying on your side.

Two problems with that are one size doesn’t fit all and as soon as you move from back to side you have to flip the pillow. The memory foam pillows allow for contouring to take place but have to be flipped as well when changing the positions. These pillows tend to retain heat as well which could prevent a person from getting a great sleep.

The pillow that I recommend is called Chiroflow. It addresses both the customization to the person’s dimensions and adaptability of changing form when a person moves from one position to another. This is all done by a bladder that is embedded in the pillow that allows you to customize it with the amount of water. This pillow is backed up by medical research for patient satisfaction from neck pain.

I use this pillow myself and have had a number to try over the years and I still come back to the Chiroflow. Clinical sleep trials at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and at Logan College of Chiropractic showed that the Chiroflow pillow is preferred over other cervical pillows and that it improves the quality of sleep. Scientific studies have linked enhanced quality of sleep with improved quality of life.

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