20Aug, 2016

10 reasons you should try cupping now

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Michael Phelps turned a lot of heads when he made his big return to the Olympic stage last week. And not just because of his incredible swimming skills. He stepped up to the pool and removed his coat, only to reveal strange red circles all over his back and shoulders. So what was that all about? Traditional Chinese Medicine actually uses a treatment called cupping, which creates those circular marks. Phelps wasn’t the only one who showed up to the Olympics with cupping marks. Swimmers from other countries as well […]

12Feb, 2016

Natural cold remedies to try this cold and flu season

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I’m going to be honest with you. Cold and flu season is almost ALWAYS here in Canada. It runs from November all the way until April! Why is there a season for cold and flu anyways? It all has to do with being indoors. It gets cold, and people go out less and stay inside more. This means that people are in closer contact with each other and infection spreads very easily from person to person and surface to surface. Read on to find out more information about colds and […]

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