Weight loss and Back Pain Relief

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FACT: Losing just 3-5% of your weight has major health benefits and reduces chronic pain!


Healthcare experts agree that losing weight and managing a healthy body mass index (BMI) can be an excellent strategy to relieve partial or complete back pain. This occurs because – as the individual loses weight there is a decrease in the load/pressure on the spine. Weight loss can also help prevent joint strain (another potential cause of pain). 

In addition, carrying excessive weight is a major risk factor – linked with conditions such as osteoarthritis and herniated discs. Eating the right nutrients can help by supporting your skeletal structure – preventing premature degeneration and inflammatory processes. 

Changing/adapting your diet is paramount not only for its weight loss benefits but it also confers many other health-positive changes such as decreasing inflammation and changing the internal chemistry of your body– which are key contributors to skeletal, muscle and joint health. 


5 quick tips to help get you started:


1) Replace 1 soda a day for water – this cuts out about 150 calories!

2) Swap our fruit juice for the real deal! Fruits contain fiber which help modulate sugar/insulin spikes!

3) Chewing your food properly helps you feel fuller longer, aids digestion and provides more nutrition.

4) Start your day with a glass of water and squeezed lemon juice OR apple cider vinegar – studies show that this helps kick-start your metabolism and helps to detoxify your liver, kidneys and digestive tract. 

5) Prep-ahead for healthy grab and go snacks – this helps reduce snacking on the wrong types of foods – if only because it’s convenient and they’re available. 


Ask your naturopathic doctor for more information and about how you can create an individualized weight management plan that specifically fits your lifestyle


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